Presidential Report Card

# Name Party Public Communication Organizational Ability️ Political Skil️ Vision Cognitive Style Emotional Intelligence️
32 Franklin D. Roosevelt Dem
33 Harry S. Truman Dem
34 Dwight D. Eisenhower Rep
35 John F. Kennedy Dem
36 Lyndon B. Johnson Dem
37 Richard M Nixon Rep
38 Gerald R Ford Rep Rep
39 Jimmy E Carter Dem
40 Ronald W Reagan Rep
41 George H. W. Bush Rep
42 Bill J Clinton Dem
43 George W Bush Rep
44 Barack H Obama Dem
45 Donald J Trump Rep
46 Joe Biden Dem

Pass Fail

Fred I Greenstein originally assessed presidents from FDR to Clinton on the basis of six qualities related to job performance in his 1996 book The Presidential Difference. The six are public communication, organizational ability, political skill, vision, cognitive style, and emotional intelligence.

Book: Leadership in the Modern Presidency by Fred I. Greenstein
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45 - Donald J Trump - Public Communication
45 - Donald J Trump - Emotional Intelligence
Grade The Presidents Performance
Separating Children From Their Parents at the Border
The president’s handling of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico
Justice Policies
Human Rights Policies
Displaying Exemplary Personal Character
Avoiding Personal Scandals
Environment Protection
Food Safety
Water Quality
Air Quality
Promoting the import of Clean Energy Solar Cells
Adding Duties on the import of Clean Energy Solar Cells
Immigration Restrictions
Reducing The Opioid Crisis
Reducing Hurdles For The Compassionate Use of Marijuana instead of Opioid
Healthcare - Preserving and Protecting The Affordable Care Act
Acting Presidential
Unifying the Country
Promoting Sports, Fitness, Nutrition or Health
Nurturing the Department of Veterans Affairs
Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty